We are here to advocate and guide you through every step of the process. From your merchant application, to payment processor implementation, to every day transactions and compliance.

The process begins with a cost savings analysis. You provide us a merchant statement from your current provider and our experts will analyze your statement to see how we can save you money.

If we can’t save you money (this has never happened), we won’t ask you to switch. You have some amazing super mojo amazing payment processor who isn’t sneaking any hidden charges past you. Good for you. We’ll shake hands and part as friends. There are other people we need to help.

The perfect bank-ready package. After your cost savings analysis, we will help you set up your merchant account with the best industry terms and rates. We will draft your business summary and complete the merchant account paperwork for you. We will compile your information and compile all your documents to create the perfect bank-ready package.

What We Do For You

Transitioning from another payment processor. If you already have a merchant account and are processing credit card payments, we will help you with the transition.

Risk tools and chargeback monitoring. Once you are up and running, we will work with you to identify any issues such as higher than normal refunds or chargebacks, and price increases. We will help you implement chargeback and risk tools to protect your merchant account.

Compliance. We will work with you to ensure your website is in compliance, currently as well as with any impending changes merchant banking requirements.

Online payments integration. Got a website? We will set you up with a compatible gateway for online payments on your website.

Ongoing advocacy. We are your merchant advocate when you need to draft chargeback reduction plans, get more favorable pricing and terms, and we are here for you to assist with rolling reserve reduction and volume cap increases. </ul>

We are here to work with you as you grow, ensuring that your payment solution grows with you.